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I'm a warm-hearted, positive person who thrives on making people feel at their selfs in my presence. Building strong connections with my clients is my priority, as I aim to be more than just a photographer. My goal is to enhance your special day with my presence and ensure you feel truly beautiful. I cherish the friendships that often develop with my clients, making my job feel more like a joy than work.


Evangelia, a photographer fueled by creativity and passion. I see beauty in every detail and strive to capture the true essence of every moment I photograph. Making connections with my clients is at the heart of what I do—I want you to feel comfortable and valued throughout our time together. It's not just about taking pictures for me; it's about creating lasting memories and friendships. Let's make magic together and capture moments that will be cherished forever.

We create images that tell your story

Knowing first hand how special this moment is and how anxious you may feel, our mission is to make you feel comfortable and have fun on your wedding day.


Whether a wedding is to be held in a small family circle or in the presence of many loved ones in an organized space, you should enjoy it as much as possible.


We are ready with our cameras in hand to focus on your unique moments, your raw emotions, your joy, the emotion of you and your people. All our attention is on you and how we will be able to keep your memories alive for a lifetime. 

We Capture Memories




Photographs have the ability to stop time and give the viewer time to think, to reminisce, to feel, to react, to be transported to time and the details of complex situations and moments that have passed. .

Without our photo it is particularly difficult to remember details, feelings, strong but also important moments.

The narrative photography style (storytelling) that we like and think characterizes us is the one that describes with our special photographic eye what you develop in front of us. We try to be as discreet as possible next to you to live your story with you and with love to create beautifully captured memories. 


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