Maternity & Newborn Photoshoots

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Romantic Pregnancy Photography in Nature

Martha and Sakis decided to immortalize the very sweet period of their lives, the period of waiting for their second child. Their first son also took part in the photo shoot, who was very happy that in a few days his brother would be born. The smiles and looks of all three represent the emotions they feel. Love, joy, happiness and impatience flood the moments that will keep the memories alive forever. Enjoy maternity photoshoot.

thessaloniki_maternity_kalamaria 9.jpg

Romantic lifestyle newborn photography

Photographing a newborn is important as through it you can see and remember again the beautiful moments you spent with your little thing. Newborn photography is one of the most difficult photography as we have to work with the mood of the newborn, to follow his flow, not to disturb him, to feel warmth, warmth and that he is in a safe environment.

Intimate Wedding and Camping

Your baby it will never be so small again, of course every age has its grace but when they are so small and fragile and at the same time peaceful it would be very nice to have photographed them and to see them again and again after years. Think about how beautiful it will be when your baby grows up to look at his photos together and explain how you felt, what he did and what his reactions were. Come and enjoy together this romantic newborn photosession of little Marios

Life Style Newborn Φωτογράφιση