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Baptism in the chapel of the Mediterranean Cosmos

Fotografisi vaptisis sto Medeterreanean Cosmos Thessaloniki
Baptism in the chapel of the Mediterranean Cosmos

The baptism of little Emilia took place a September afternoon in the small church located inside the Mediteranean cosmos shopping center. The theme of the christening was Frida Kahlo, hence the colors of the decoration were bright in shades of purple, yellow and green. The chocolates were very beautiful and special as it was a cactus flooded with colors reminiscent of a Mexican Fiesta. The child's parents were happy and excited as they waited for the sacrament of their little girl's baptism to take place. . Emilia with her parents and older sister were photographed together in the churchyard.

The autumn sun combined with the good mood of the baby helped the family photos before the mystery as well as the portraits of the baby to capture the beautiful feelings of the family but also the anticipation for the big event of the baptism of their second child. The church was filled with smiles from children but also from relatives who attended the church to honor the baptism of little Emilia. Each baptism is unique as each child has their own personal identity and so we as photographers deal with it. Our main concern is to take the photos of your child's baptism and looking at them to revive the beautiful feelings you were feeling at that moment. Of course, our purpose is to photograph the mystery of the baptism, the reaction of your child as he is baptized, but at the same time the joy and funny moments felt by the family and friends who are present.

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