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  • Aggeliki Tsagkaraki

Boho wedding in beautiful Halkidiki

Konstantinos Nasia

The party of their life has just begun !!

Konstantinos and Nasia's wedding was really fun and unique. The couple wanted to be united in marriage as they are expecting their first child after many years they lived together as a couple. Their wedding wanted to be reminiscent of a frantic party, to which all their beloved relatives and friends were invited.

Nasia and Konstantinos have been living in Berlin for the last few years, where they met, but they both wanted to go back to Thessaloniki, where they grew up. The baby they are expecting was the ticket for their return to Greece. In the middle of a pandemic and with the hope that on the day of their wedding they will be able to have the party they dreamed of, they held the wedding in a closed circle in Pyrgadikia, Halkidiki! The preparations and the party of the couple took place in the wonderful guesthouse "The yellow houses".

The church where the wedding took place was a small picturesque church in the village of Pyrgadikia. The colors and style of the wedding matched very harmoniously with the scenary.

The afterwedding photoshoot of the couple took place in the port of the village shortly before the couple returned to the gusthouse and started their party.

The colors as well as the landscape that day were as unique as the unique photos we took with the couple. Please enjoy!!

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