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  • Aggeliki Tsagkaraki

Lifestyle Newborn Photography

The purpose of a newborn lifestyle photography is to preserve all the raw feelings of the family at that moment. Particularly the smell of the newborn, his shouts and breaths but also to remind you of the daily life of a newborn.

Essentially, lifestyle photography is something between photographing a newborn with set poses and the most photorealistic photography and recording of your daily life with your baby. In lifestyle photography, you try to capture life as it is, but instead of waiting for perfect shots to happen by chance, everyday moments, you plan with a professional photographer a lifestyle photography that will of course capture these moments.

The photography that we present to you below is one of the sessions that I enjoyed as a photographer as the family was so happy for the arrival of the new member that the process of photography became very easy and calm, especially for little Mario.

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