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Minimal and Chic Wedding with nextday photoshooting at Chalkidiki

The wedding of Kostas and Konstantina took place at the beginning of summer in the very well-kept and well-organized venue area "Ktima Likno". Konstantina's wedding dress looked like a haute couture dress which, however, kept low tones but at the same time highlighted the bride's personality. The preparation of the bride took place in the city of Thessaloniki while the preparation of the groom at his paternal home in Polichni,

The next day's photo was taken in Athyto, Halkidiki. The landscape is unique for minimalist wedding photography since that was the wish of the couple. Of course the beautiful colors and the traditional village of Athytos added a lot to the final result.

Wedding Scene: Pixeleye Photogrpahy

Videography: Lightmotion

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