• Aggeliki Tsagkaraki

Wedding photography in Thessaloniki



Anna's preparation took place in her paternal home, which was beautifully decorated with details of alfalfa, white and gold tones. The atmosphere during the preparation of the bride was very happy as the bride's friends had made sure to get home early to help Anna with her preparation. Anna wanted to follow all the manners and customs she has in her place and to live to the fullest all day of her wedding exactly as she had imagined.

The fun started when Anna's preparations were completed and a beautiful dance was set up with friends and relatives who arrived to overtake the beautiful bride who shone in her beautiful wedding dress which was embroidered with small swarovski along its entire length. Anna felt beautiful and ready to start to meet her lover who was waiting for her in church.

Nicholas also chose to prepare for his paternal home accompanied by a few friends, relatives and beloved brothers.

The wedding of Nikolas and Anna took place in the chapel of Agios Nikolaos in Vathilakko, Thessaloniki. The choice of this Holy Temple was perfectly matched with the wishes of the couple in love as the church is located in a lush garden with beautiful tall trees that give a romance. The wedding decoration moved in vintage influences with basic details in shades of white and gold. The bride's bouquet consisted of sheaves and white roses.

Nicholas was patiently waiting for Anna at the entrance of the church as he had arrived earlier than her, as you are of course used to. Nikolas' suit was deep blue with gray details on the neck of the shirt. The guests as the time passed began to multiply and soon the bride arrived honking in the beautifully decorated bridal car. The idiots holding a beautiful sign shouted "the bride is coming". People applauded Anna's entrance while Nicholas, deeply moved, stared at her as she approached the steps of the church.

The party that followed the couple's wedding took place on an estate near the church where the sacrament of marriage was performed. The entrance of the couple was spectacular with fireworks and applause to welcome the newlyweds. Anna and Nikolas' fun was diffuse and so the party that followed moved at an intense pace with the bride starring throughout.

The next day's photo was taken a few days after the wedding in a beautiful landscape, which became even more beautiful as the sun ate in Thermaikos.

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