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  • Aggeliki Tsagkaraki

Autumn wedding to Taxiarchis of Halkidiki

Σοφία & Άγγελος

The wedding of Sofia and Angelos took place at the beginning of September in the mountain village of Taxiarchis in Halkidiki. The place was chosen by the couple as they visited the venue "Apolimeni Petra" very often. The preparation of the couple took place in suites of the hotel. The couple's wedding party took place after the wedding at the Apolimeni Petra venue. Most of the guests who were the very close friends of the couple came from Thessaloniki where the couple's place of residence is. The decoration moved in a rustic-boho style as well as the wedding dress that the bride chose to wear. The decoration was edited by everaftereventscrations.

Οι φίλοι και οι γονείς του ζευγαριού καθώς και η μικρή τους κορούλα γιόρτασαν το γεγονός με ξέφρενους ρυθμούς μέχρι το πρωί

Απολαύστε τον!!

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